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Foot Massage

Podiatry X-ray Technique Chart

Give Your MA's the tools that they need. Meet state requirements with ease. Never worry about x-ray doses again. 

Your Podiatry X-ray Technique Chart:

  • PROVIDES proper TECHNIQUES for most x-ray units

  • GIVES doctors and MA's CONFIDENCE with KV and Pulse ratios

  • Is SCALABLE for units that may require slightly different factors

  • Is NEAT and PROFESSIONAL for public display

Lower Body

The Last Technique Chart You'll Ever Need

Medical Assistants and healthcare workers require direction in x-ray departments. Generic x-ray technique charts ARE NOT ENOUGH!! They should be designed for YOUR SPECIFIC equipment.

Our technique chart:

  • Is scalable and adaptable to YOUR ENVIRONMENT

  • PROPER FACTORS for all settings, including hospitals, urgent care centers, general practices, and more

  • Is NEAT and PROFESSIONAL for public display

  • 4 charts in one! General medicine, chiropractic, podiatry, and veterinary medicine

Get My X-ray Technique Chart
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