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I often say that there are many BTW's ("By-the-Way"s) in the x-ray industry. If you simply overlook even one of these when shopping for x-ray equipment, it can mean the difference between buyer's remorse and purchaser's love. Additionally, every office manager's desire is to keep their imaging department running smoothly. But when problems arise, the solutions are rarely cut and dry.

What is the difference between CR and DR? How do I know if I am getting a good deal on x-ray equipment or not? What am I supposed to be doing about off-site storage and how much is too much? Why are our x-ray images looking so bad? Can I buy extended warranty on this stuff? Who can I call when things go south with my x-ray equipment?  Our podcasts are only a few clicks away when you need answers.

We've certified and trained for many clinics and hospitals across the US and abroad, however here are a few local establishments that The Radiology Coach has worked closely with. We serve individuals, clinics, hospitals, and corporate environments. Our scalable offerings are an attractive business choice for our large groups.

The Radiology Coach has helped over

countless medical partners across the US. 


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