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X-ray technology is the oldest and most commonly used form of Medical Diagnostic Imaging equipment. X-ray use ionizing radiation to produce images of a person’s internal structure by sending x-ray beams through the body, which are absorbed in different amounts depending on the density of the material. Also included in x-ray devices are mammography, interventional radiology, computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR).

The Radiology Coach will guide you through the process to ensure you are getting the most for your budget, practice, and imaging needs.

The Radiology Coach

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When choosing the right Medical Diagnostic Imaging (MDI) equipment it's important to ask the following questions to help guide you in the decision making process:

  • Type of facility: general or specialty, teaching/research;

  • Location of facility: rural or urban;

  • Size of facility: including any plans for expansion; Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Procurement Guidance 19

  • Special infrastructure needs: including floor loading for heavy scanners (MRI) and power quality requirements of high end MDI systems;

  • Number of patients: current and forecast;

  • Number of exams: per day/month/year for the specific MDI modality being considered;

  • Epidemiological data: and trends;

  • Other facilities: nearby or planned;

  • Adequate staff: and if not, what are the plans to bring on additional staff;

  • Hospital standards: which local, regional or international standards are applicable to the hospital;

  • Personnel standards: which standards apply for health professionals;

  • Cultural considerations;

  • Maintenance: technology maintenance requirements, including staffing requirements for maintenance activities and current and future capacity;

  • Training and education;

  • Specific needs: is there a need for pediatric imaging? Are there any obese patients?


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