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Hospital Staff
State X-ray Certification courses and Mandatory Re-certification Class

Get certified as a basic x-ray operator in your state. Our courses comply with state minimum requirements for non-rad tech certifications. States we currently serve are:

Alabama | Georgia | North Carolina

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your state certification qualifications. The following courses  are now pending Alaska, New York, New Jersey, Missouri. 

X-ray Positioning and Technique Course

Let's face it... x-rays look easy. But our clients find out very quickly from referring physicians and radiologists that some people simply need appropriate training.

That's where we come in. We'll ramp your staff up to speed with easy to understand videos and coursework that will guide them through the whole process of various examinations, techniques and department management. Empower your employees as leaders in the radiology department by exposing them to principles that every department employee should know.

Nurse And Patient
Technique Chart Development Guide

Whether you have purchased a new digital system or you have a new employee that needs to be trained on your system, we'll train your staff on appropriate operation of digital modalities and software. We work with staff to learn x-ray machine operation, digital x-ray, and c-arm operation. We'll provide documentation as proof of your training. 

Science Lab Student
Digital X-ray System Coaching and Consultation

The x-ray industry can be highly enigmatic and mysterious. Many doctors and administrators are left holding the bag when trying to research how to upgrade their systems. Let us make it easy for you. Don't purchase a system that you will regret from day one because you didn't know what questions to ask! Let us empower you to feel good about your decision and limit the chances of regretting your purchases.

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Our Main Headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia area.

If you would like to schedule an in-person meeting please contact our

office to schedule an appointment.

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Tel: 678.665.2591

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