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Our Radiology Coach, Greg Turner, has over 30 years of experience in the radiology/medical field. Mr. Turner has trained physicians, chiropractors, medical staff, veterinarians, engineers, sales specialists, law enforcement, and military personnel across the country and abroad. His exposure to a variety of environments gives him the competitive edge to be the best in the business.

Background Includes:

  • Registered Radiologic Technologist

  • Radiology Manager

  • Radiology Sales

  • Digital Imaging Specialist

  • Applications Trainer

  • Radiology Consultant

  • Published Medical Ghostwriter

  • Published CEU author

  • Public Speaker

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The Radiology Coach

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As a radiology consultant, I know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. I enjoy helping my clients achieve the goals they seek.


My hope is to become a central resource of information and coaching.


Doctor Examining CT Scan
Gary Layton
Layton X-ray

"Greg and I have worked jointly with physicians for several years. His comprehensive background and knowledge of the industry is exceptional. His professionalism is stellar."

Gary Layton
CEO Layton X-Ray

Gary Austin
OneCare, Inc.
Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

"I consider Greg a valuable resource in the marketplace. His unique experiences have placed him squarely at the front of his industry."

Gary Austin
President of OneCare, Inc

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
Mike Newsome
Radiology Sales

"Greg is one of the best, most professional individuals I know in the industry. I recommend him readily to my top clients."

Mike Newsome

Radiology Sales

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