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Doctors and Dealers

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

In my travels across the United States, I have noticed a trend with some clinical practices when it comes to their x-ray departments. Unfortunately, sometimes clinics prioritize x-ray as a bothersome stepchild. They delay necessary purchases, neglect state mandates, and ignore appropriate maintenance procedures.

This tendency can derive from a number of reasons, but the prevalent one that I witness is the fact that x-ray reimbursements have diminished to a paltry level. The general consensus seems to then characterize medicinal x-ray as a necessary evil.

That being said, there is no question that the general public perceives offices with digital x-ray displays as legitimizing. There's just something about a crystalized image on a high resolution monitor.

Physicians have got to work through their inherent frustrations with medical imaging. By prioritizing their most efficient diagnostic tool, they will realize that diagnostic imaging is more friend than foe.

With this, the best way to effectively embrace this pariah is to partner with professionals that will assist in the management and care of the department. Aside from leaning on the advice of The Radiology Coach ;), practices should elicit the expertise of a third-party reseller, also known as an x-ray dealer.

It is prudent to find these specialists within 90 miles of the practice. Docs need feet on the ground when something goes wrong. They need quick access and lightning fast service,

They require someone who knows the industry, the products, and understands when things go wrong. If these dealers can't answer questions, they know someone who can.

It is highly advisable that doctors contact their dealer every 4-6 months. Pay these professionals to come out and conduct preventative measures on all of your equipment. Lean on them to make sure that you are up to date on your x-ray certifications and registrations. Get them to take charge of the state documentation.

If you decide to purchase new equipment, try to remain loyal to your dealer. If they don't sell the system that you want, be honest with them and seek their perspectives. If there is a way to get them to participate in the sales or installation or servicing process of new equipment, then do it. You see, if things go south with the new equipment, you'll wish you would've kept to your guy.

Remember, they're human. So when you shun or disregard them, they'll do the same when you need them the most.

So in closing, do yourself a favor and reconcile your ills with x-ray, partner with a dealer, and keep reading and listening to The Radiology Coach.

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